Asset Protection

Are you protected if someone wins a lawsuit against you or your company?  While most Americans realize the risks associated with losing a lawsuit, few have a plan in place to protect against those risks.  Asset protection planning is a legal and ethical way for our clients to protect their property from future claims, creditors, and lawsuits.  By assessing your potential exposure and planning accordingly, we help you limit what assets can and can’t reached.

In protecting your assets, timing is crucial.  If you are attempting to start your asset protection plan to defend against an existing or impending claim, it may be too late.  Courts have the power to determine the validity of a property transfer and are granted the power to reverse fraudulent property transfers.  To be effective, legal, and ethical, asset protection planning should begin as early as possible.  Put simply, if you wait until you need asset protection planning, it is probably too late.   Imagine someone calling their insurance company to increase their coverage a week after their car was totaled.

Common Asset Protection

  • Business entities
  • Trusts
  • Insurance

At Dom Law, P.A., our knowledge of trusts, business law, and tax law positions us to legally and ethically help individuals protect themselves and their property.

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