Amanda Anseeuw


Business Manager

Dom Law PA
1814 North 15th Street
Tampa, Florida 33605


+1 813 606 5036
+1 813 600 0364
+1 813 606 5336


Amanda was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, and has always had the knack to do things the right way. She likes to get to the bottom of things by figuring out the how and why. Her curiosity keeps her constantly growing. That’s why she focuses on Project Management and brings Strategy Development techniques to the Dom Law Team.

As a child, Amanda attended Incarnation Catholic before growing to Plant High. Amanda went on to study at Florida State and University of South Florida, where she graduated with Honors. She began her professional career in Consumer Banking, then switched over to Managing Accounts for a Construction Group. As the Business Manager at Dom Law, Amanda focuses on working with Partners, Domenick Lazzara and Alberto Rodriguez, to better organize, implement, and deliver the best service, strategies and solutions to their clients.

Amanda is the President of her Sorority Alumni Group, and a member of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce.