Dom Law prides itself on working with, and helping grow, small businesses. Our firm is changing the business community’s perception of lawyers by using a more client-centric, concierge-style approach to Business Law. At Dom Law we have learned to leverage technology in order to keep costs and expenses at a minimum; this approach allows us to always put the client first.

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The Small Business Cycle begins with YOU!

We know that behind every small business there was someone who had an idea. That someone is YOU.


Domenick "Dom" Lazzara is the founding partner and practices intellectual property, criminal, business, and corporate law at Dom Law, The Small Business Advocates ®.
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Alberto Rodriguez brings his expertise in taxation, estate planning, business development, and non-profit organizations to Dom Law, The Small Business Advocates ®.
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Who We Are

Dom Law focuses on helping people, businesses, and ideas start, grow, and flourish. Founders, Domenick Lazzara and Alberto Rodriguez, each bring a diverse legal background that includes complex litigation, trial practice, estate and tax planning, and tried-and-true business acumen.

What We Do

Dom Law works tirelessly to find creative solutions to complex business and legal problems. Simply stated, Dom Law helps clients identify and solve problems. Period.

How We Do It

At Dom Law, the client always comes first; to ensure this is always the case, we utilize a client-centric, concierge-style approach to the practice of law. Dom Law leverages technology to keep costs and expenses at a minimum, and the attorneys remain a simple call, text, or e-mail away at all times.

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